LadyGem DIY
Design and create your own personality!

Every woman from child to adult can easily use the technology to share their pleasure with their friends by creating their own jewelry or ornaments with their own designs, and get the chance to sell them with LadyGem There is.

Quick development prototyping solution

iMaker Development platform board

It helps you save time and money for implementing ideas and developing your ideas.

iMaker is an open source development platform based on Linux.

It can be used to carry out all kinds of projects from home automation to industrial automation systems.

You can easily learn and apply from learning electronic circuits to learning program coding.

iMaker is Maker.

Create, learn, share and enjoy!

Circuits can easily be configured using the “Fritzing” circuit drawing tool available for beginners and the breadboard.

The open source program “Fritzing” can be used to output a breadboard scratch, making it easy for beginners to place parts on the breadboard.

When the circuit configuration is completed with the breadboard, you can work on the board with Fritzing to make your own board.


If you want to make something of your own,

For manufacturers who want to implement their ideas,

For developers who want to use it in prototype development,

Meet the iMaker Board

Embedded Linux

To learn embedded Linux,

To learn how to build and install the Linux kernel,

To learn device driver, firmware development,

For users, beginners, developers

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